Wolf by Lizzie Hughes

Lizzie Hughes

About Lizzie Hughes

I make meticulously detailed works that are often produced following long periods of research. My approach to collecting and then structuring data has allowed me to remotely explore distant landscapes and briefly enter the private worlds of others. To this end, I have made an electronic map that shows the graphic outlines of over thirty nine thousand swimming pools located in the city of Las Vegas and 4,007 Horizons a video work that transforms generic seaside snapshots into a dazzling journey around the globe. 

Residency at WMG 2014

I used the William Morris Gallery's archive to study the numerous philanthropic groups that appeared across the country from the late 19th Century onwards, with the objective of teaching dying crafts to rural communities. The Home Arts and Industries Association and The Guild of Handicraft were amongst many of the organisations I looked at that had the utopian ideal of protecting practical knowledge whilst providing communities with a potential source of income during financially hard times. 

My Residency concluded with the production of a series of hand forged steel sculptures collectively titled Ghost of a Ghost. The sculptures take the form of functioning door hinges with the appearance of Rorschach ink blot tests (psychological tests developed in the 1920’s to examine personality characteristics). The Residency was important in allowing me to reconsider my relationship to the physical process of making after of long period of working primarily with digital media. 

Beyond the Residency

The Weather in Paris in 1909, a collection of over three hundred picture postcards all sent from Paris in the year 1909. The cards are unified by their handwritten messages that refer to the state of the weather at the time of writing. The cards are unified by their handwritten messages that refer to the state of the weather at the time of writing. The consistent notes about sunshine, wind, rain and snow are interspersed with fragments of other people’s lives from which we can infer a plethora of private narratives. That work was shown in the exhibition Revolver II at Matt’s Gallery in London.

In 2016 I used the opportunity of a Residency at The Art House, Wakefield to begin research for a new work titled Museum that seeks to document all of the civic war memorials found within the United Kingdom. The exhibition that concluded the residency explored the sculptural qualities of the ubiquitous yet overlooked structures that are found in almost every town and village in the country.

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