Ripple & Ribes by Jennie Moncur, 2015

Weaving New Worlds

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Until 23 September 2018

  • Open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am - 5pm; free

Tapestries have always told stories. In this exhibition 16 women artists from the UK, USA, Norway, Canada, New Zealand and Japan weave the stories of our time: the possibilities, the hopes and lost chances. Using the traditional hand woven tapestry techniques that connect us to the past, they have taken contemporary images and events, personal dreams and feelings. The tapestries range in subject matter, from reflections of rural mythologies, to floods and urban decay. Always at the heart of the work is the human condition, the artists offering us both a utopian and dystopian view - the choice is ours.

Curated by Lesley Millar, Professor of Textile Culture and Director of the International Textile Research Centre at the University for the Creative Arts in collaboration with National Centre for Craft & Design and William Morris Gallery.

A catalogue of the exhibition is available here

Image: Ripples & Ribes by Jennie Moncur, 2015 ©The Artist