Young People's Creative Project

  • Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5 August 2014 to 8 August 2014
  • 10:00 - 16:00
  • Places are limited, please contact us at to book your place or to ask us a question.

    This project is free to anyone aged 16 - 22 years old but you need to be available for all four days to participate. It is suitable for a range of different abilities, you do not need to be an art student or professional artist to get involved, but an interest in making art is essential.

    The project will take place at the William Morris Gallery and on location in central Walthamstow for the artist's studio visit.

    All materials are included and each participant is given their own sketchbook. Lunch is not provided.

Young people aged 16 - 22 are offered the chance to make their own artwork for exhibition at the William Morris Gallery. This four day project will explore working conditions in the textile industry, focusing particularly on India and Bangladesh and looking at the work of local artist Alke Schmidt. With the support and guidance of artist Della Rees you will experiment with new techniques, visit an artist's studio and make a creative response to this issue.

Practical sessions:

  • Transfer printing and mixed media artwork
  • Developing your ideas in a sketchbook
  • Composition and pattern with acrylics
  • Surface treatment e.g. ripping, embroidery