WMG Late: Child's Play

  • 1 October 2015
  • 18:30 - 22:30
  • Free. No need to book. First Thursday of every other month. Galleries and bar open all evening.

WMG Lates is our bimonthly after-hours event. The Lates are a chance to experience the Gallery in a relaxed adult atmosphere, visit the special exhibitions and sample some of the best art, music, poetry, spoken word and performance in London. These events are for adults only (some of the content may not be suitable for children) and the bar and galleries are open all evening.

WMG Lates are curated with Vine Collective. Vine Collective (@vine_collective) create eclectic nights hosting writers, live music, film makers, DJs and poets. Co-curating the William Morris Lates, Vine Collective invite artists to respond to the in house collections and special exhibitions with new or existing work.
Vine Collective also carefully selects a range of great wines for their nights from small-scale producers farming organically or biodynamically. The wines they select are as natural as possible and full of life.
This month, discover the dark side to classic fairy tales to celebrate the Big Draw festival 'Every Drawing Tells a Story', because drawing isn’t just for kids!

DJ set with Pete Fowler
Tea Room (all evening)  

Artist, musician and toy maker Pete Fowler will be playing a selection of tunes from balearic beats to psychedelia and twisted folk. Pete is an album cover artist most known for his work with Super Furry Animals, one half of deckshoegaze duo Seahawks and the monster creator behind Monsterism, a company making vinyl toys inspired by animals, music, folklore, myths, psychedelia and super nature.

Follow Pete on Instagram, on Twitter (@themonsterist) or read this article to find out more about the man.

Film screenings
Scratch and The Forgotten Circus by Shelly Love
Acanthus Room (screenings throughout the evening)

Shelly Love is an artist, director, storyteller and choreographer. Shelly previously trained and worked in contemporary dance theatre before she made her move into filmmaking. She works as a both an independent artist and commercial director within the industry and is celebrated worldwide for her unique vision at many arts festivals and forums.
Through her films, Shelly creates other worlds where narratives unravel against reason or convention. With her understanding of the body, movement and time she makes poetry of curious situations, most of them surreal, yet utterly human. She has received various awards and nominations for her work in dance on screen, music video’s and shorts.
Shelly has an exacting experimental approach to her work transporting the audience to breathtaking “other worlds” where human emotion, nature and dreamlike magical realism intertwine and beguile. Read more about Shelly Love and her current project The Fallen Circus at www.shellylove.co.uk

2003, directed by Shelly Love

‘A lone character inhabits a subterranean world. Stuck between worlds, she fails to move on….’
This film explores the nature of the puppet as both an inanimate object and animated character brought to life through human movement. Scratch was the winner of the prestigious IMZ Best Screen Choreography Award in 2005.

The Forgotten Circus
2008, written and directed by Shelly Love

‘As The Ringmaster takes his last breath he breathes life back into his Circus..’
In 2008 Shelly became Artist in Residence at the National Centre For Circus Arts. During her residency she worked with foundation degree students to devise and choreograph a work for the screen.

Miriam Nash, poet
Story Lounge (8.15pm and 9.15pm, performances last 20 minutes)

Miriam Nash is a poet, performer and community arts facilitator. She has performed in London and internationally, from Ronnie Scott’s to Chicago’s Green Mill. Lightkeepers is her new poetic play which draws on Scottish folklore, the tradition of storytelling, myths and fairy stories and her experience of living as a child on a tiny island off the west coast of Scotland. Miriam will be drawing from her play and poems, exploring folklore from a female perspective and responding to the William Morris Gallery collection on a dark October night. Read more about Miriam at miriamnash.com.

Furry Tails drawing activity with Orly Orbach

Learning studio (drop-in 6.30pm - 10.30pm)

Orly Orbach is an artist and illustrator based in London. Inspired by theatre and anthropology, her drawings depict enchanted worlds in which characters transform and stories mutate. Find out more at www.orlyorbach.com 

“Orly Orbach takes us, her viewers, to places of seeing and examining twilight worlds. Meticulously crafted, her ink drawings are apparently direct, splicing into our emotions, evoking children’s tales, archaic mythology, icons, dreams, fables, trysts. Narratives and stories flow from her images. Thoughts and emotions collide.

In Orbach’s world there is darkness and light, light-touches and watery menaces. She brings us magic in the wilderness, as the rest of the world sleeps.”

Helen O’Hara

Draw from the rich world of animal fables and mythology to create your own inky masterpiece. Nature and animals often feature in fairytales as anthropomorphic or supernatural beings, presenting threat and/or protection.  Orly Orbach will be running this drop-in drawing session, sharing her ideas, materials and techniques with you.  

Natural wines available at WMG Late: Child's Play

Natural wine is wine that is made with organic grapes and which involves a minimum of intervention between the time the grapes are picked and the time the wine is bottled: fermentation is with wild rather than cultured yeasts, fining and filtering are rarely done, and very little or no sulphur (SO2) is added.

Wine is the only food and drink product for which it is not compulsory for producers to include a list of ingredients on the label (even mineral water has to). Despite this, by EU law, European winemakers can use up to 200 additives during the making of their wine. Natural wine has one - sulphur dioxide, which is used as a preservative - and sometimes it doesn't even have that: it is a pure expression of grapes, air and time.    

(All prices are for 125ml glasses)
Tragolargo Monastrell 2013 (SPAIN, ALICANTE, monastrell) – £5
From Alicante, south-east Spain. Monastrell = mourvedre. Organic. No racking, no added SO2, no enzymes, no fining or filtration. Tasting note: Very fruity and complex: spicy, herbal, liquorice, juniper, raspberry, strawberry, fresh tannin and a touch of minerality.
Radford Dale Thirst Gamay 2015 (SOUTH AFRICA, CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, gamay) - £5
Gamay is the Beaujolais grape. This is a rare South African example. Tasting note: crunchy strawberry and cranberry fruits, bracing acidity and light, supple tannins. Think of this as somewhere between a light red and a traditional rosé.
Casa Belfi Colfondo Prosecco 2012 (VENETO, glera) – £5
‘Colfondo’ literally means ‘residue at the bottom’. This is a naturally cloudy prosecco with sediment. Fermentation is with wild yeasts in stainless steel. Ageing on lees, then bottling on a flower day (a propitious day in biodynamic calendar) without filtration. No sulphur added.
Hegarty Chamans 2010 (MINERVOIS, roussanne, marsanne) – £5
A hard-to-find biodynamic white from the Montagne Noire in the Minervois. A blend of roussanne and marsanne. Rich and full-bodied, with notes of honey and stone fruits.
Cos Frappato 2014 (SICILY, frapatto) – £6
Frappato is an indigenous Sicilian grape. The vines are worked biodynamically Tasting note: Intense, clean aromas of violets and fresias with cherries and cranberries. The mouth is fresh and lively with savoury red fruits and sweet tannins.