Weaving New Worlds: Colour Blending Workshop

Led by master weaver Caron Penney, whose stunning work features in Weaving New Worlds, this lively one day tapestry weaving workshop will offer students the opportunity to advance their colour blending ability. This will enable the group to explore mark making, colour theory and hatching. At the end of the workshop participants will take home a completed tapestry. Aimed at adults, this workshop is suitable for intermediate level participants.

You will learn:

  • Basic colour theory
  • How to use blending techniques to create shading
  • How to create hatching techniques creating a change of colour from the left to the right of the work.

Intermediate Level Class

Please note that this class is suitable for participants with a small amount of weaving experience who are able to warp up their own frame prior to the day of the workshop.

Warping Notes

Make a warp 10cm wide and please use a fine or medium warp and setting (3.5 epc (ends per centimetre) or 8 or 9 epi (ends per inch). All the other materials for the class are included.