The Long Table

The Tea Room is taking advantage of the William Morris Gallery's gorgeous, glass-roofed orangery extension to serve up some two course delights. These will celebrate Morris' ethos of sharing, beauty and community, as well as his passion for artisanal techniques.

Sit at the Long Table each month as chef Chris Pickett serves up meticulously prepared treats using the best of modern techniques and where taste is king. We'll also showcase a different microbrewer each month so you can wash down all that lovely food in style and enjoy the gallery as part of an open viewing.

Email Sarah at asap with any special dietary requirements.



Crispy duck ballotine, warm carrot, puy lentil & summer herb salad, honey roasted nuts & seeds


Plum and blackberry jelly, mini blackberry jam tart, pistachios,  and a thyme rapeseed oil

London Craft Beer

To be confirmed