Private view and talk: Paul Bevan on the art of the Cultural Revolution

Private view and talk by Dr Paul Bevan, Christensen Fellow in Chinese Painting, Ashmolean Museum

Enjoy an exclusive private view of our new exhibition Cultural Revolution followed by a talk from one of the world's leading experts on Chinese art. Ticket price includes glass of wine or soft drink on arrival.

Paul Bevan's talk will examine the Chinese artists and designers, and the posters and other visual media they produced, that served the propaganda machine of Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966-76). Trained artists were mostly responsible for producing the striking images seen on the posters and print media that were distributed around the country by regional publishing houses. But amateurs too could try their hand at their own designs. With the aid of published sample books of both text and image, as well as reliance on their own artistic skill, however meagre, they were able to produce their own copies of propaganda imagery.