Teachers' Resources

These resources are for both primary and secondary educators to support whole class learning either on a gallery visit or back in the classroom. Scroll down to see the full range of themes on offer including teachers' information from our temporary exhibition programmes.

Activity sheets help students explore work in the gallery or they can be used with online images which you can find at Search the Collection

Teachers Notes provide answers for the Activity Sheets with additional discussion points

Topic Notes are a more detailed illustrated explorations of the theme as background information for teachers or for older students wanting to do individual research

Resources linked to the TES website Some extended half term project feature  on the TES website. Subjects include Running your own Block-Printing Project or Citizenship and Campaigning. Click through and explore the various folders.

Literacy Resources - Developed from a project with Thomas Gamuel School

Inspiration from Nature (Key Stage 2)

William Morris is chiefly known as a great designer of patterns derived from natural forms. Wild and garden flowers, inter-twining leaves, birds and animals all feature in his wallpapers, textiles, carpets and ceramics.

This topic features: 

Investigating Pattern (Key Stage 2)

William Morris is famous as a great designer of flat patterns. He disliked the over-elaborate designs of wallpaper, textiles and furnishings popular with mid-19th century Victorian taste. He wanted to produce simpler, natural designs that would suit the purpose and material they were designed for.

For further classroom based resources on pattern see Working with Pattern Inspired by Wiliam Morris below

Running a Design Business (Key Stage 3-4)

William Morris had a great flair for business and marketing. Morris & Co became one of the most successful design brands in the late Victorian period.

Exploring Techniques and Materials: Block Printing (Key Stage 3-4)

Working with Pattern (follow up activities)  (Key Stage 2)

A richly illustrated Teachers' Resource Pack featuring a  clasroom scheme of work inspired by William Morris. Developed by textile artist Sba Shaikh.

The pack includes:

  • Individual lesson plans (fully differentiated for both SEN learners and G&T pupils and including key vocabulary lists with definitions)
  • Resources, including images and photocopiable worksheets where required
  • Lists of additional resources required from schools
  • Opportunities for children to explore patterns from different countries and understand how William Morris was influenced by art from different cultures

Part 1 contains five lesson plans with cross-curricula links and photocopiable classroom resources

Part 2 contains a classroom Powerpoint presentation to accompany the lesson plans

This Scheme of Work covers units from Maths, ICT, Art & Design and English from the current National Curriculum. Links to these are outlined on the contents page of Part 1.

Exhibition Resources

Kehinde Wiley: The Yellow Wallpaper  (All Key Stages - Art, Citizenship, PSHE)

February 21 - July 12  2020

African- American artist, Kehinde Wiley, is well known for his is highly naturalistic paintings of people of colour. Explore 6-newly commissioned portraits of Black women from Dalston, East London.

Pop by Design: DANAD Design 1958-1962

February - April 2020

DANAD Design were a collective of painters, designers and architects who pioneered the Pop Art aesthetic. Featuring work by Peter Blake, Tom Adams, Peter Adams, Bernard Cohen, Barry Daniels, Robyn Denny, Colin Huntley and Edward Wright with 'Works in Focus' sheets and project ideas

For secondary Art & Design and Design & Technology teachers

  • DANAD Design teachers resource


    Pioneers: William Morris & the Bauhaus
    October 2019-January 2020

    William Morris shared many ideas and principles with The Bauhaus - a revolutionary interdisciplinary art school of architects, artists, designers and craftspeople who had a vision of rebuilding society after the First World War, on modern international lines. Learning about its principles help us understand our material world more clearly. This resource contains summary background information, 'Object in Focus' sheets, and a questioning framework to look at any design object.  

    For secondary Art & Design and Design & Technology teachers

    Extended Project Resources on the TES (Times Educational Supplement) website

    Run your own block printing project has been developed with students by artist Anna Alcock during printing workshops at the William Morris Gallery. The project is a comprehensive, detailed and adaptable set of lessons designed to encourage successful and creative printmaking activities for Key Stages 1, 2 & 3, for the specialist and non-specialist teacher alike

    Agitate, Educate, Organise - Citizenship Learning Resources on William Morris and Campaigning

    The materials include student worksheets, document facsimiles, background information for teachers and presentations for KS2 and KS4. These resources have been developed with a visit to the gallery in mind, but they will also provide a sound reference point for anyone wanting to know more about the role of William Morris as an activist and campaigner

    Stories Told by William Morris and Friends is a project that uses six art works and designs from William Morris Gallery's collection to support literacy at Key Stage 2. A visit to the Gallery can be built upon to create a half-term unit using the resources downloadable here

    Literacy Resources

    Stories Told by William Morris and Friends is a project that uses six art works and designs from William Morris Gallery's collection to support literacy at Key Stage 2. A visit to the Gallery can be built upon to create a half-term unit using the resources downloadable here. The resources consist of:

    • Briefing Notes for teachers and adult helpers to help them talk about the six individual artworks (pictured) in the Gallery
    • Activity Sheets. These include one page sheets to help pupils explore individual art works in small groups rotating round the gallery spaces. They also include generic Story Frameworks and Scribe Sheets to help adults draw out language and their own ideas for stories from the artworks for further creative writing back at school
    • Background Information Notes. These provide a lot more contextual information about the stories and the artists and can be used by teachers for preparation or for research by upper Key Stage 2 pupils
    • Scheme of Work, developed to provide a six week unit of follow-up work linked closely to literacy objectives for Year 5 and 6 with suggestions on adaptations for earlier years
    • Project Case Study and Evaluation. See how others did it. The resources were developed and piloted with Thomas Gamuel  Primary School Walthamstow culminating with a celebration day when they gave guided tours in the Gallery to family and friends, telling the stories of the art works by Morris & Co. The  evaluation tracks the progress of pupils at three achievement levels and charts the project’s significant impact

    “The gallery is a fantastic asset.” Thomas Gamuel teacher