Priya Sundram and Nia Thandapani

About Priya Sundram and Nia Thandapani

Priya Sundram and Nia Thandapani were the William Morris Gallery’s Artists in Residence for 2018-19. Together they form Studio Carrom, based in nearby Blackhorse Road, London and Bangalore, India. They used their residency to interrogate Morris’s links with South Asia, drawing connections between his designs, and motifs from the Indian subcontinent, and examining the ways in which South Asian patterns and techniques were influential in, and appropriated by, the Arts and Crafts movement.

In collaboration with members of the local South Asian community, Priya and Nia are in the process of creating an alternative guide to the William Morris Gallery, which will bring fresh stories and perspectives to the existing narrative of Morris’s relationship with India.


About the Artists

Studio Carrom is a multidisciplinary design studio that collaborates with individuals and organisations within arts and culture, and social spaces. Working between the UK and India, Studio Carrom is interested in developing work which speaks to diverse audiences. Their work is underpinned by a research-driven and context-specific approach that results in a wide variety of material outcomes from installations to publications.