Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence 2020-21: Sahra Hersi

Sahra Hersi is our artist in residence for 2020-21. Sahra is a visual artist and designer with an MA in Architecture from the Royal College of Art. Her work explores the political, cultural and personal conditions that affect how homes are designed as well as how we inhabit and share spaces. Sahra’s process is research-driven, and the outcome of her work varies, from self-published books, prints, workshops, consultations, furniture, architecture and public spaces.

During her residency Sahra aims to explore the William Morris Gallery's furniture, books and Archive collection. She plans to use her time at the Gallery to develop and design a series of open-source furniture designs. These designs will be informed by zoom interviews with local minority and underrepresented groups. The interviews will shape her residency and bring in new ideas and experiences to learn from, record, illustrate, and create furniture that reflects a broader range of cultural values and historical connections moving away from the usual white European aesthetic.