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Praising Angel (1902)

Edward Coley Burne-Jones (1833 - 1898)

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George MacCulloch was an Australian mining magnate and patron on Morris & Co. This stained glass panel was part of a series of eight windows made for the residence and later removed from the home, along with seven other Morris & Co. windows which were sold to the trade at which time the upper and lower portions of the window may have been lost or destroyed. Burne-Jones's 'Praising Angel' figure is one of four designed in 1878 for windows in Salisbury Cathedral. Subsequently, the cartoons were used for stained glass elsewhere, including Painswick church, Gloucestershire (1898) and Crescent Street Church in Montreal (1901), as well as the Mcculloch house. In 1894 the cartoons were also adapted for tapestries, of which examples exist at Brockhampton Church, Herefordshire and the V&A Museum.