Henry Treffry Dunn (1838 - 1899)

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The Loving Cup (1867)

Henry Treffry Dunn (1838 - 1899), Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 - 1882)

This is one of three watercolour replicas painted by Rossetti and assistants of his original oil painting, for which the model was Alexa Wilding, whereas here the model is Ellen Smith, a laundry maid who Rossetti 'discovered' in Chelsea.

This painting was largely painted under Rossetti's supervision by H. T. Dunn, who became his studio assistant in 1867. It is probable the finishing touches were added by Rossetti himself, as the quality of the execution is superior to most of Dunn's works. the couplet of poetry inscribed on the frame is from a French ballad, pledging happiness by day and night to the unseen partner of the loving cup.